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Réseau Burundi 2000 Plus is a national non-profit organization. She has beencreated following a UNDP program called ‘Réseau Afrique 2000’, operating in Burundi since 1993 as local communities’ partner. Following the success of the program and based on recommendations of the UNDP, the creation of an NGO was crucial to...



RBU2000+ executes projects in partnership with several international funders. The organization works also in partnership with the state structures and local associations/ organizations in the intervention zones, in order to ensure achievement of activities and their sustainability. The NGO is also member of several networks, fora and sectorial groups, in...

Fields of intervetion

Food security

Our main goal is to increase agro-zootechnical production and producers’ revenues. In order to achieve it, we mainly support the following activities: Development of income-generating activities (breeding in semi-permanent stalls, apiculture, etc.); Improvement ofcommunities’ nutrition (trainings, promotion of high nutritive value crops) Development of gardens close to households; Technic of macro propagation of banana plants; Restoration of soils’ fertility and...

Sustainable management of natural resources

Our main goal is to promote sustainable management of natural resources. In order to achieve it, we mainly support the following activities: Awareness and trainings on soils’ fertility management practices in agriculture, respect of environment and environmental laws Development of incomes-generating activities such as apiculture and breeding in semi-permanent stalls in order to reduce pressure on arable lands Building and...

Organization and professionalization of producers

Our main goal is to empower producers. In order to achieve it, we mainly support the following activities: Development of several agricultural sectors such as potatoes, maize, cassava, banana, beans, rice, gardening, cattle and goat breeding and apiculture; Creation of associations (Producers’ organizations, Groups of seeds growers, etc.); Supporting their structuration and connection between themselves (for instance inside inter-groups and...

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Adresse: Avenue Mwaro n°13, Quartier INSS, Bujumbura Mairie, BURUNDI

 Tél : 22 21 98 13 / Email : raf2000bdi@yahoo.com